Masato Kobayashi. A son of painting

Masato Kobayashi. A son of painting. Cataloog. Algemene leiding: Jan Hoet

Born in Tokyo (1957). Represented Japan at the Sao Paulo Biennale in 1996. Masato Kobayashi was invited by Jan Hoet to Europe in 1997, and since then had been based in Ghent, Belgium, where he produced works in various places. Masato Kobayashi continues to explore the nature of painting by using a completely unique technique of taking paint directly from the tube and rubbing the color into the canvas while supporting it with one hand, and at the same time stretching it over the wooden frame to create the painting.

S.M.A.K. , met de steun van Shiseido - 18 maart/ 28 april 2001 - Nederlands/ English

Softcover - 30 x 22 - 56 p.

Staat: minimale gebruikssporen cover - verder zo goed als nieuw 

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